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You are not alone in your desire to infuse important history, stories and values in younger generation family members.  The task becomes much easier when you can share your ideas with people around the country who share that desire.  I look at my book as merely a starting point in a national conversation.  You have the opportunity to share your ideas, your stories, your traditions.  And you have the opportunity to be inspired by the ideas and experiences of others.



John Shickich

Attorney and entrepreneur

Your common sense personal approach is meaningful to all ages and I with that I would have had this guide earlier in life.  This book should be read by young adults as well as those in the second half of life.

Ken Kautious

film director and producer

Reading your book, I felt like if I had a chance to speak with King Solomon and ask him how to break the chains of poverty and the lack of financial knowledge so that I too could obtain first generationa financial independence, he would hand me your book and say “Read This!”